Your dog will be head over paws for us!​

We offer dog walking services in Ottawa's most PAW-pular neighbourhoods: Mechanicsville, Wellington Village, and Hintonburg.


A little bit about us...

Paws and Biscuits is an independently owned dog-walking service in Ottawa's most PAWpular neighbourhoods: Mechanicsville, Wellington Village, and Hintonburg.
We are committed to giving your dog the attention, affection, and socialization your pup requires. Insured and bondable, we provide a superior dog walking experience, and ensure that your dog is returned to you safe and exhausted.

Dani Daoust, owner and dog walker 

Dani has an extensive background in customer service, finance and public relations. After moving from Halifax to Ottawa, she decided that the corporate world didn't provide the fulfilment she sought. Determined to fill that void, she decided to work with dogs. And so, Paws & Biscuits was born. 

Dani's intuitive nature, and love for all living beings speaks volumes in her relationship with dogs. Her understanding of each dog's individual needs makes her a superior dog walker, sitter, and best friend. 
Dani is the mom of two foster-failed dogs, Jackie (deceased) and Wheezie; both were rescued from Cool Dog,  in Halifax, NS.

Meet The Paws and Biscuits Pack

Our pack is always growing



Wheezie is P&B's ambassaDOG. Approximately three years old, Wheezie is full of energy and loves to play with dogs of all sizes. Wheezie enjoys long pack walks, cucumbers, and chasing her canine friends at the park.


P & B's First Pack Member

Our girl Oakley is P&B's first pack member. Her friendly disposition, and fluffy tail are no match for any dog and their ball. Oakley makes fast friends with dogs and humans alike.


The Goofball

Frank joined our pack in November of 2017 at 2.5 months old. Frank has the biggest paws, and the sweetest soul. He loves to play, and takes the stairs four paws at a time. Welcome, Frank! We are so excited you're part of the pack! 


Brinkley- The Cuddle Monster

Brinkley joined our pack in December of 2017. Brinkley is a rescue who seems to be part Greyhound, part Australian Shepherd. He loves to cuddle and be cuddled. When he isn't cuddling, he's hard at play with friends and toys. His speed and agility are a sight to be seen! Believe us when we say he is crazy-fast. 


The Snow Queen

Coda is a beautiful seven year old Collie/ Lab mix that joined our team with her brother, Cody in December of 2017. This girl is always smiling, especially when outside playing in the snow. She's always happy to see us, and we're definitely always happy to see her! 


Pack Senior

P&B welcomed Cody into the pack in December of 2017. Cody is a senior rescue dog, with few teeth. Cody is slowly warming up to us, and gaining our trust. Cody has a favourite spot on the couch reserved just for him. He's definitely king of "his" castle.


Rosie the Runner

Rosie is a Welsh Terrier who loves to run. In pure terrier nature, Rosie takes off running like the Gingerbread Man--- "you can't catch me," she taunts with her little barks. Rosie insists that all walks become runs... what better way to get your exercise? 


 The Docile Doodle 

This goofball loves to roll in the snow and wrestle with his best pals at the dog park. On leash, Samson is one of our most polite walkers. He greets everyone we meet with a smile and kind eyes. Samson is the pack's "gentle giant." 

Pino and Barley

The Brothers

Pino and Barley are best friends and brothers. Pino is shy and cuddly, while Barley is more outgoing with other dogs. Both love to wrestle and chase the other. When it comes to bedtime you'd better make room. These two love to take over the bed. 


Squirre​l Queen

Ruby is a rescue dog with a high prey drive for squirrels. Her determination during these pursuits has even lead her to climb trees! 
Ruby loves to go on long walks with friends around Hintonburg, Little Italy and Chinatown. 


The Tuxedo Bear

This is Makwa ("bear" in Algonquin), the Berna-doodle. Makwa is a big fan of running off leash in the snow with his pack pals. Chasing other dogs, and wrestling are high on the priority list. Checking in, and smiling on our walks are some of the many ways this guy shows his appreciation. Who's a good boy? Makwa!

Charlie & Lucie

The Diva Sisters

Charlie and Lucie are the best of friends. These Shih Tzus make cuddling a priority any time of the day. Their playing style is a little unorthodox, as they love to pull out each other's pony tails. When they aren't cuddling together, or pulling out the other's pony tail they can be found catching Zzs in sun beams. 


The Gentle Soul

Laika is a Boxer and Jack Russell Terrier mix rescue dog. Laika joined us in January of 2018. This pup is sweet and calm she hardly makes a sound. When walking her on leash she treads so lightly that you can hardly feel her tugging the leash. Laika loves cuddles and is a big fan of behind-the-ear-scratches

Paws & Biscuits: Origin Story...

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